Out of Hours Services

CEST knows it can be expensive and for companies to support employees and provide out of hours services that are essential for a business to continue to run smoothly. We can support your business servicing Servers, Workstations and resolving employees with issues with our out of hours Service Desk. Here are some of the services we offer.

Out of Hours Service Desk

We provide your business with a Managed Service or Pay as you go solution where you are invoiced by ticket resolved. This is usally 1st and 2nd line support but all options are available and designed to be tailor made to your business requirements.

Server & Workstation Patching

Applying security and important updates is vital to protect your servers and workstations from mallicious attacks caused by exploited vunrebilities. Like all companies this is essential and needs to be completed out of hours so it does not stop your employees from working.

System Monitoring

Servers going offline can stop staff from completing work and meeting important deadlines. We can monitor your systems and remotely try to remotely resolve the issue or report any issues to your oncall technician depending on the service agreement inplace.

Data Backup

Backing up your company data is extremely important and can is not always completed fully. We start your backup and monitor it from start to finish. If for any reason the backup fails we can restart if there is sufficent time to finish or report the issue.

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