IT Security

In a world where no organisation is 100% safe from hackers, malware or even viruses it is important to think of protecting your organisation. Anyone who tells you your network is 100% is not telling you the truth.


SME’s do not have the resources and expenses in place that large businesses do. So, the question is how can you protect your organisations data and ability to trade? Easy…. The cloud.


We have specifically chosen Microsoft Azure for this reason. As one of the biggest organisations in the world Microsoft spend over a billion US dollars annually and hire some of 3,500 dedicated cyber security professionals working together across the Cyber Defence Operations Centre, digital crimes unit and other teams to help protect, detect and respond to threats in real time.

Microsoft Azure has hundreds of data centers in 50 regions, and these each have extensive multi-layered protections to ensure unauthorised users cannot gain physical access to your customer data.

We know security is an ever-evolving state, so to save you time, we manage the basics such as ensuring the servers that run Azure are patched.
With millions of start-ups, Governments and 90% of Fortune 500 businesses using Microsoft Azure today. Why shouldn’t you?