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Amazon WorkSpaces


Amazon WorkSpaces (AWS) is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) which has many benefits. This is ideal for any SME who are looking for a turnkey solution for employees. Lets look at some of the reasons why this solution is right for your business.

Easy Desktop Delivery

AWS helps to eliminate many administrative tasks associated with managing your desktop lifecycle including provisioning, deploying, maintaining, and recycling desktops. There is less hardware inventory to manage and no need for complex virtual desktop infrastructure deployments that don’t scale.

Reduced Costs

AWS eliminates the need to over-buy desktop and laptop resources by providing on-demand access to cloud desktops that include a range of compute, memory, and storage resources to meet your users’ performance needs.

Management of Desktop Resources

AWS offers a range of CPU, memory, and solid-state storage bundle configurations that can be dynamically modified so you have the right resources for your applications. You don’t have to waste time trying to predict how many desktops you need or what configuration those desktops should be, helping you reduce costs and eliminate the need to over-buy hardware.

Secure Data

AWS is deployed within an Amazon Virtual Private Network (VPC), provide each user with access to persistent, encrypted storage volumes in the AWS Cloud, and integrate with AWS Key Management Service (KMS). No user data is stored on the local device. This helps improve the security of user data and reduces your overall risk surface area.

Your Choice of Operating System

AWS comes with a Windows 7, Windows 10, or Amazon Linux 2 desktop experience. Or you can bring your own Windows 7 or Windows 10 desktops and run them on Amazon WorkSpaces, and remain license compliant. In addition, you can choose from a number of productivity application bundles with your WorkSpaces.

Desktops on Multiple Devices

Your users can access their Amazon WorkSpaces from any supported device, including Windows and Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, Fire tablets, Android tablets and through Chrome or Firefox web browsers. Once your WorkSpace is provisioned just download the client to access it from the device of your choice.

Centrally Managed Scaled to your Global Desktop Environment

AWS is available in 11 Regions and provides access to high performance cloud desktops wherever your teams get work done. You can manage a global deployment of many thousands of WorkSpaces from the AWS console. And you can rapidly provision and de-provision desktops as the needs of your workforce change.

Use your existing Directory

AWS securely integrates with your existing corporate directory, including Microsoft Active Directory, as well as multi-factor authentication tools so that your users can easily access company resources. You can manage user access control through the use of IP access control groups, which makes it easy to control and manage user access to their WorkSpaces using your existing tools.

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